Wildlife and Rodent Exclusion (Home Seal-Up)

Norcal Wildlife Removal specializes in wildlife exclusions and rodent removal services in both commercial buildings and residential properties in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco Counties. Over the years, wildlife and animal pests have become more comfortable living in urban areas, they seek shelter in people’s homes and commercial buildings including warehouses, retail stores, and office buildings.

Wildlife and rodents in your building? Bring in the experts!

Animals are constantly looking for the perfect environment that will provide warm shelter, safety from predators, and easy access to food and water sources. In urban areas, buildings act as the perfect environment for nuisance wildlife and animal pests to hide away, oftentimes, they find shelter and safety in chimneys, attics, vents, roof tiles, basements, etc.

Tiny mammals like rats, mice, squirrels, and bats, can squeeze through very tiny holes in a building to find shelter and some warmth, while bigger animals like raccoons can either squeeze through existing holes or seek out weak areas in a building and create their own entry and exit holes. Small rodents are also able to chew through wood and make tiny entry holes.

When animals find their way into a building, they will either move in alone for a brief period but most times they invite their friends and family to come share their new home. Most mammals are social animals, animal pests such as bats, mice, and rats will certainly come in with their families. They go on to build nests, have babies and grow in number, and together they convert a section of your property to their own community and make a total mess of the place with tracks of foul-smelling droppings, and all sorts of dirt particles littered around which attract insects and other animals.

For wildlife and rodent exclusion, Norcal Wildlife Removal is all you’ll ever need!

Animals in your home are bad news, let our experts get them out. We provide effective and lasting solutions to your nuisance wildlife and animal pest problems. Our methods are environmentally safe and humane, we rarely use poisons or toxic chemicals because they may be harmful to animals, humans, and the environment. We also don’t hurt animals, we safely get them out using exclusion devices or by live trapping, and we let you decide what we should do with them. Every member of our team is trained and certified with years of experience. We offer free consultations and provide advanced wildlife control including exclusions, clean up, wildlife-proofing, and home seal up.

Our wildlife and rodent exclusion process in two simple steps:

Step 1: Home seal-up

Once we identify the animals, our seasoned wildlife control technicians get to work to carefully locate and seal up every tiny hole, crack, and gap in your building. These cracks usually act as the entry and exit points for animals, and if every one of them is not completely sealed off, then getting the animals to stay away will be impossible. We also check for weakened areas in the structure of your building, because these areas are potential target points for wildlife. For instance, raccoons can tear off weak materials to let themselves in and rodents will chew at weak wood to create tiny passageways in and out of a building. With all the gaps and cracks completely sealed up, then actual exclusion begins. 

Step 2: Exclusion and cleanup

We exclude animals either by strategically setting traps for them or installing one-way exclusion devices, so they can safely leave the building and never return. Each of these two processes needs extreme care and attention to detail to be properly done. And once we eventually get the animals out, the next step is to clean up any traces of wildlife left in the building. We clean up, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize, and we also repair damages caused by animals to your property and offer animal-proofing solutions to help prevent future wildlife problems.

We’re at your service for effective wildlife exclusion.

Animal infestations and wildlife problems mostly occur during the fall and winter months, but it’s always better to be proactive about getting animal pests out of your home. Call us today for a free consultation on solutions for wildlife-proofing your home and complete exclusion of annoying rodents and nuisance wildlife.

Cities we serve include;

Atherton, Belmont, Brisbane, Burlingame, Colma, Daly City, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Pacifica, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Mateo, South San Francisco, Woodside, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Campbell, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Francisco, etc.

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