Snake Removal

Among the animals that get into our homes, snakes are one of the most feared. Although they are generally wary of humans and prefer to stay hidden and out of sight, an encounter with a snake in your living space will probably send shivers down your spine.

There are about 33 snake species in California, of which 6 are venomous and all rattlers. It’s very unlikely that a venomous snake will crawl into your home, but it’s not completely impossible. Since many of the venomous snakes are rattlesnakes they are easily recognizable due to the rattle at the tip of their tail, but on very rare occasions the distinctive rattle may be missing.

The majority of snake species are not aggressive, and they will usually not attack or bite except when they feel threatened or cornered with no obvious escape route. Snake bites are usually painful with some swelling around the affected area even when the bite is from a non-venomous snake.

Bites from venomous snakes will cause fever, numbness, pain, headache, shock, paralysis, etc. It’s important to always treat a snake bite as if it’s venomous and get emergency treatment. Some venomous snakes can kill a person with a single bite, therefore it’s not advisable for anyone who isn’t a professional to handle snakes.

If you stumbled on a snake in your home or around your building, don’t try to handle it, some snakes may quickly find their way out while some may hide behind objects or furniture, some others may take a defensive stance and will attack if you continue to move closer. A snake in your house is a threat to everyone including the snake, therefore it’s important to contact a professional wildlife removal company immediately if you find one.

Snake Removal Services in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties

Norcal Wildlife Removal handles all wildlife problems including snakes. We safely remove snakes from both commercial and residential buildings in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco Counties. Our snake removal process is humane and safe for everyone around including the snakes.

What happens when you call to remove snakes;

  1. Our wildlife control team will first carefully search the building to find the snake, we carefully look for the snake in possible hiding places.
  2. We manually remove snakes by carefully trapping them using snake tongs or special snake traps.
  3. Trapped snakes are removed from the property and relocated to their natural habitat where they will continue their lives without being a threat to anyone.
  4. We also offer property modifications to make your home less attractive to all sorts of wildlife.

Like most other animals, snakes are attracted to a place with options for shelter and an abundance of food. Overgrown grasses, piles of junk, trees, and other shelter options will attract snakes, while some of their favorite food includes rodents, lizards, birds, and other small animals. Ensuring your lawn and garden are always neatly trimmed and free of clutter and your home is rodent-free is a good step in keeping snakes and other wild critters away.

We provide our customers with premium animal control services with free consultations and tips on keeping unwanted critters away. Call us today!

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