Skunk Removal

Skunks are famous for emitting a foul-smelling and oily substance from their anal glands, either when threatened, during mating, or just randomly. These animals actually have beautiful black and white fur, and a somewhat long and furry tail.

Skunks are one of the most common animal pests found in suburban areas across the United States, these animals tend to seek out shelter wherever they please, you can find them huddled together under a porch, shed, or deck. They can also dig holes around the lawn and burrow underground in search of insects and grubs to snack on.

When skunks are living on your property, one of the first signs is usually the awful smelling liquid they emit. This oily liquid contains sulfur compounds, when sprayed on animals or people it has the ability to temporarily blind them, both humans and animals find this substance repulsive and will back off when sprayed. Skunks have the ability to accurately spray to a distance of 15 to 20 feet, and they sometimes randomly spray it in their environment.

In search of conducive living and breeding places, skunks will often take shelter in both residential and commercial buildings where they will proceed to cause some of the damages below;

  • Skunks dig up holes around the lawn and ruin the beautiful landscape.
  • They raid gardens for succulent fruits and vegetables.
  • They raid trash cans in search of leftover food.
  • If you have a chicken coop or poultry house, skunks will raid them to steal eggs.
  • Skunks carry the rabies virus and pose a health risk to humans and pets.
  • They leave lots of unpleasant and disease-laden excrement.
  • They can dig holes along the edges of buildings to live beneath foundations and this can compromise the integrity of the structure.

If you have a skunk problem, we can help you get rid of them fast and easy. Skunk removal is better done by experts; you get the best results when Norcal Wildlife Removal handles your animal removal.

Here are a few tips on how to discourage these smelly animals from taking shelter in your home.

  1. Make sure there is no shed for shelter or food source around your home that can attract hungry animals.
  2. Clean up your lawn and always ensure there are no fallen fruits, seeds, berries and anything else lying around that may attract skunks
  3. Keep your trash can properly covered with a tight-fitted lid at all times to deter animals like raccoons, skunks, opossums, etc. Remove garbage regularly.
  4. Remove log pile, leave piles, junk piles, and any clutter in your yard that can act as a shelter for wildlife
  5. Fill up land burrows, and properly repair any damages from previous wildlife infestations.

Skunk Removal and Control

Excluding skunks usually involves live trapping and relocation, however, trapping these animals is subject to state laws. Also, trapping skunks is no cakewalk because they tend to spray their awful liquid with very little provocation, and successful trapping requires skill, knowledge of their habits and behavior, and experience with trapping skunks.

To remove skunks;

  • We carefully inspect your property in search of their den, the location of their den in your building will help us determine the safest and most effective removal method. Our methods are safe for both humans, animals, and the environment
  • We proceed with the best exclusion strategies; our exclusions are 100% effective with guaranteed success.
  • Finally, we clean up the site of infestation, disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize the entire place. When we exclude animals, we ensure that no traces of the animal are left behind.

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