Raccoon Removal

Do you hear loud chirping sounds at night coming from your chimney or attic? Does it sound like a growl or a scream? Raccoons can find their way into attics and chimneys through attic fans or roof vents, and sometimes they find weak spots on a building and tear up a hole to create an opening for themselves.

For instance, a mother raccoon looking for the ideal secluded place to hide away her babies while nursing them will most likely tear up anything in her path in search of shelter. Mother raccoons prefer to make their nests in attics or chimneys and if there is a litter of raccoons living in your building, you’ll likely hear some strange sounds at night.

Adult raccoons are great climbers, and they climb a lot of trees in the wild. This innate climbing skill enables them to easily climb buildings to seek shelter, and they commonly like to live in chimney flues.

The smoke shelf in chimneys also serves as a great spot for mother raccoons to hide their babies plus the temperature of chimneys is almost similar to that of trees, therefore, making it ideal for these mammals.

Raccoons will go out in search of food at night and return just before sunset, so after sunset and before sunrise are the most common times you’ll hear them chirping or growling.

Dangers of having raccoons on your property

Raccoons have become adapted to life in towns and cities, and we now have more raccoons living in urban areas than in forests. These animals have learned to find food and shelter in homes.

And since they have become comfortable living among humans, raccoons are no longer afraid of humans, and they don’t hesitate to tear their way into buildings in search of a conducive environment for living and breeding.

However, raccoons in your home are still bad news for a number of reasons.

  • Raccoons will cause structural damage to a building by tearing up holes to create the perfect entry and exit point in a building for themselves.
  • They can ruin clay tiles and dislodge mortar just by repeatedly climbing in and out to forage and rest.
  • They raid garbage cans in search of food and scatter the trash in the process.
  • They can dig up holes on the lawn and leave tracks of poop around your property, even in the swimming pool.
  • Raccoons act as hosts to a number of pathogens and can spread diseases such as rabies and roundworm to both pets and humans.

Raccoon trapping and removal

The best way to completely remove raccoons from your property is by trapping and relocation. However, wildlife trapping and removal is subject to state laws, and only individuals with the appropriate training and licenses are allowed to exclude nuisance wildlife.

Raccoons are a nuisance and our wildlife control team at Norcal Wildlife Removal will help you get rid of them from your building safely and efficiently. We trap and remove raccoons using the following methods.

  1. Carefully search the building to find out the number of raccoons we’re up against and how established they are, this helps us determine the best removal method to employ.
  2. We establish the best strategy for tackling the problem and set live traps at strategic locations for the animals, and with the correct baits to lure them out and into the traps.
  3. Monitor the traps daily to ensure the raccoons are removed immediately when they are trapped, it’s unfair and inhumane to keep animals trapped for too long.
  4. After the removal and relocation of the raccoons, we proceed with the thorough cleanup, sanitization, and deodorization of the affected areas of your home.
  5. We also carry out repairs of any damages caused by the animal and offer solutions for animal-proofing to prevent future infestations.

Wildlife trapping and removal is an art and requires training and years of hands-on experience, it’s not a great hobby or DIY project for anyone. You can sustain very serious injuries by trying to exclude wild animals yourself; a nasty fall or a dangerous bite from the animal you’re trying to catch.

These animals are “wild” for a reason, and not just because they live in the wild, these animals can be erratic and cannot be reasoned with, especially by someone who knows nothing about their habits and behavior. Your best bet for safe and efficient wildlife removal is a professional wildlife removal company like ours, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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