Mice Control

Mice infestations are a major problem, and when these tiny mammals get into your building, they quickly multiply and start to tear things apart. They may be very small, but they do lots of damage with their tiny but sharp teeth and claws.

The first sign of a mouse infestation is usually the presence of small and smooth black droppings with a pointed end. You may also get to hear them scurrying around at night in search of leftovers, or you may see one run past you.

If you’re concerned about mice in your house, here are some other signs of a mouse infestation to look out for;

  • Mouse tracks: mice tend to leave behind tracks of droppings, and food debris that has been chewed on. You can also notice urine stains that leave brown or black smears on the floor.
  • Greasy stains: mice prefer to run very close to baseboards and when they do, they leave behind greasy stains and smear marks from their fur, they usually have greasy fur due to all the dirty places they enter.
  • Chew marks: rodents generally chew a lot, and if you have an infestation there will be tiny chew or gnaw marks on materials in your home, including furniture, boxes, paper, wiring, upholstery, and lots more.

Getting rid of these tiny mammals can be very tricky. Although they are small, these animals are very smart and they learn to adapt very quickly. Their size also acts as an advantage, it means they can fit into tiny holes and move very quickly around the house. Mouse control is easy when you have a professional animal pest control company handle it, but if you want a few tips on how to keep these scurrying animals away from your home, continue reading;

Eliminate cracks and holes that act as entry points

Mice find it easy to move around when there are tiny holes and gaps in your walls and floorboards, properly sealing up all these holes will make your home a little uncomfortable for intruders. But the problem here is that mice are very tiny therefore, they can squeeze through very tiny holes which can be very difficult to find and seal. It requires great attention and patience to inspect the entire house in search of cracks and rodent passageways.

Get rid of food sources and clutter

Animals are all for survival, and they are mainly attracted to places where they can find enough food to ensure they are well-fed. Lack of even the tiniest food debris can certainly discourage mice and rodents from living in your home. Make sure the kitchen floor, countertops, and sinks are always free of food particles and store all food in rodent-proof containers. In addition to this, ensure you get rid of any clutter in your house. Mice also need shelter and if your home provides them with a conducive breeding place, they will go find food elsewhere and come back to breed. Ensure there is no food source or clutter where they can hide.

Use baits and mousetraps

If you are already battling with an infestation, the first two steps alone will not get the mice out. You will have to actually catch them to get them out of your house. There are several methods of mouse control, trapping them alive using baits and mousetraps are the most humane methods as opposed to poisons. But for it to work, it needs to be strategically placed which requires skill and technique. 

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