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Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are very destructive creatures that love to burrow in yards. These tunneling rodents are getting to be very commonly found in suburbia, and are rapidly adapting to living around people. Continue reading this article to find out more about groundhogs and how you can get rid of them for good.

What damage do groundhogs cause?

Groundhogs burrow constantly, digging their dens and searching for food. They construct huge groups of interconnected tunnels that cover much of a yard. They especially enjoy digging next to any homes, garages, or any other structures, which is the main reason why groundhogs are problem animals. This has the potential to seriously weaken the foundation of your home and any other buildings. Because a failing foundation is such a big repair bill, it is highly important to get these critters off of your property as soon as you can. In addition to the potential damage to your foundation, they also are known for wreaking havoc on gardens of vegetables and flowers.

How can I prevent groundhogs?

The main problem with groundhogs is that there is no real way to prevent them from coming onto your property. They generally come onto someone’s property because there is an easy source of food nearby, which is pretty much everywhere, as they are herbivores. Any groundhog repellents you may see are generally a waste of money. If you want to reduce your yard’s appeal, consider picking up any fallen fruit from fruit trees and locking up your pet food securely.

How can I catch groundhogs?

Groundhogs are usually removed by the use of cage traps. These traps are safe to use around small children and pets, and are humane, and will not hurt the groundhog. The cage traps are generally baited with some kind of fruit or vegetable or many times with a commercial lure. As easy as it sounds, many times groundhogs are hard to catch. Oftentimes, homeowners eventually have to call a wildlife control company, as the problem generally gets worse.

Why hire Wildlife Removal Michigan?

Wildlife Removal Michigan should always be your first choice for dealing with groundhogs. Our nuisance wildlife experts have years of experience with removing groundhogs and will be able to remove your pests quickly and efficiently. In addition to trapping the animals, our experts can also examine the damage caused by groundhogs and help you figure out what needs repairing. Wildlife Removal Michigan services the state of Michigan, so if you are a resident of Michigan, we would love to help you out with your groundhog problem.

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