Cleanup and Sanitation

Have animal pests invaded your property, and you find traces of droppings around? Let’s help you clean up and sanitize your home! Norcal Wildlife Removal specializes in getting rid of animal pests both in residential and commercial buildings and cleaning up after them. We employ proven techniques in the removal of wildlife, cleanup, and sanitization.

Animal pests are never good news!

Tiny mammals such as rats and mice can find their way around a building through tiny holes in the walls and doors, and they will go about stealing food from the kitchen and pantry and leaving behind greasy stains and droppings.

Bats, raccoons, and rats often take shelter in the attic where they leave tons of debris and droppings. Raccoons prefer to take shelter in garages, attics, and chimneys. Skunks and opossums prefer to stay under the house. It doesn’t matter where they are found, all of these animals have one thing in common, they leave behind lots of foul-smelling and disease-laden excrement.

Wildlife acts as a host to lots of pathogens that cause deadly diseases and a good number of them can be transmitted to humans and pets. Animals carry disease in their droppings, urine, and saliva. Bats carry the rabies virus, raccoons carry roundworms, and bird droppings can cause a potentially deadly respiratory disease Histoplasmosis, while rodent droppings are laced with the deadly Hantavirus, leptospirosis, and arenavirus, amongst others.

To keep your family safe from these diseases, our professionals at Norcal Wildlife Removal bring you safe and hygienic methods of cleaning up the mess left behind by animals and complete decontamination and sanitization of your property. Give us a call if you find traces of droppings by known or unknown animals.

Cleaning up animal urine and droppings

Cleaning up animal droppings is not as simple as simply vacuuming them up. Even when dry, animal excrement still contains pathogens, and agitating them will cause some of these microorganisms to become airborne and when inhaled they will cause very severe infectious diseases.

When experts handle contaminated areas, we do this delicately to ensure the proper removal of feces and subsequent disinfection and sanitization. This requires certain precautions as it poses a serious health risk if it’s not done properly. In some cases, the materials in the contaminated areas will have to be completely removed and properly disposed of, this depends on the severity of the contamination.

We also deodorize the entire place. Many animals have very developed senses of smell, and the smell from an animal infested place can attract other animals. Even when we don’t smell it, pheromones will attract other animals if not completely neutralized.

And if the offending animals still live there, our wildlife removal team will get them out using safe and humane methods. We don’t only remove animals; we also animal-proof your building by sealing up holes to make sure they are unable to find their way back in.         

Our team of experts at Norcal Wildlife Removal can handle all forms of wildlife removal and cleanup and sanitization. Call us today for all your wildlife problems.

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