Attic and Crawlspace Insulation Replacement

We provide complete attic and crawlspace restoration and insulation replacement services. If animals make the attic and crawlspace of your building their home, there’s no telling the amount of damage they will cause. When this happens, the only solution is wildlife exclusion and complete restoration of the attic and crawlspace involving the cleanup of the entire mess and ensuring it’s back to its original pristine condition.

What problems do animals cause in attics and crawlspaces?

Here are some of the damages animals cause in attics and crawlspaces;

  • They leave behind piles of droppings laced with pathogenic microorganisms
  • They bring in leaves and sticks and use them to build nests for their young
  • They litter the entire place with food debris and lots of trash
  • The mess acts as a breeding ground for parasites, worms, and pathogens
  • Piles of poop and urine damage the insulation and give off a foul stench
  • The smell can seep into the home and this is unhealthy
  • Bad smells and pheromones attract other animals

Our attic and crawlspace restoration services include;

  1. Removal of animal droppings
  2. Disinfection and deodorization
  3. Replacement of damaged insulation, vapor barriers, ductwork, etc.

At Norcal Wildlife Removal, our experts are equipped with the proper tools for providing a complete attic restoration. Sometimes these restorations can be quick and easy or complex and extensive, this will usually depend on the type of infestation, how long the animals lived there, and the extent of the damage. Bats and rodents are known to do the most damage.

Oftentimes, attic and crawlspace restorations start with excludexcing the animal wreaking havoc in the space. Our team of wildlife removal experts is well-versed in excluding a wide range of animals including rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, snakes, mice, and more.

We exclude the animals in your attic and crawlspace and follow the process below to ensure your home is clean and healthy again.

Step 1: Removal of animal droppings.

Bats, rats, mice, and squirrels may be tiny, but they are known to leave large amounts of excrement in a relatively short time. Larger animals like raccoons and opossums leave even larger droppings. The droppings of these animals often contain disease-causing microorganisms that pose serious health risks to us.

Therefore, cleaning up this mess requires special equipment such as biohazard suits, HEPA filter masks, and high-powered insulation vacuum devices. This ensures that airborne pathogens are trapped and no one inhales contaminated air to prevent infections.

Step 2: Disinfection and deodorization.

With the droppings gone, we remove all contaminated materials for a proper cleanup and disinfection using foggers and powerful virucides. We provide complete deodorization and sanitization of your attic and crawlspace.

Step 3: Replacement of damaged insulation.

The pile-up of animal urine and droppings in the crawlspace soils and damages insulation, making it unable to absorb heat. Our team of experts will remove and replace damaged insulation, vapor barriers, and ductwork according to the specifications of the state.

We also work with your insurance company for restoring your attic and crawlspace.

At Norcal Wildlife Removal, we offer a full range of wildlife control services, give us a call today!

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