Animal Damage Repair

So the animal pests are gone, what now? Animal damage repair! Nuisance wildlife in your living space is bad news on so many levels. From the health risk to the threat of significant injury to the amount of damage they can cause to your building. Even the tiniest of animal pests can cause incredible amounts of damage to your property just by making their home with you.

And the cost of fixing up these damages can easily rise to hundreds or even thousands of dollars as unplanned expenses. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to put up with an ongoing renovation and adjusting your living space for the duration of the work. The damages caused by animals are usually unpredictable, and they can happen to just about anyone and at any time.

First off, these annoying critters will give you no warning before they move into your home, they bring in all sorts of debris, build nests, leave piles of excrement, burrow into the foundation, or leave holes in your roof. Animal pests like rodents will go a step further to chew on your walls, electric wires, insulation, pipes, and more, and this greatly compromises the integrity of your building.

Norcal Wildlife Removal repairs damages caused by different animal pests and nuisance wildlife. We provide animal damage repair services for;

  • Animals in the attic
  • Animals in the chimney
  • Animals in the soffits
  • Animals in the walls
  • Animals under the house
  • Animals under the deck

Various animal pests and damages they cause

Once animal pests find their way into your home, it’s only a matter of time before they start wreaking havoc. These creatures are called wildlife for a reason, they belong in the wild and live better there. They really have no business living in our homes and all they do is cause damages and pose health risks with all the diseases they carry. Below are various animal pests and the damages they cause.

Damages caused by rodents: the most common rodents that find their way into our homes are rats, mice, and squirrels, and here are some of the damages they cause;

  • They chew through roof shingles, house siding, soffits.
  • They chew through wood, insulation, and various other building materials.
  • Rodents also chew on wiring and utility lines in the walls.
  • They gnaw on furniture and create small holes in the upholstery.

Damages caused by raccoons: when raccoons find their way into your home, here are some of the damages they can cause;

  • Raccoons can damage your attic insulation.
  • They can damage the ventilation and electrical systems.
  • They can tear open shingles, soffits, and fascia boards.
  • Raccoon litter also creates its own problems.

Damages caused by skunks: with their very sharp claws and teeth, skunks can tear or dig through many materials and cause lots of structural damages to a building.

  • Skunks will dig holes and burrow under your building beneath the deck.
  • Their sharp claws and teeth can tear and chew up vent and metal screens.
  • They can cause damages to the chimney mesh.
  • Skunk urine and feces have a very strong odor.

Why trust us to handle your animal damage repair?

At Norcal Wildlife Removal, we have a team of wildlife control experts who are not only experts in animal removal techniques, but also in handling everything involving nuisance wildlife, from exclusions, to clean up and damage repair. Here’s why you need our professional team;

  • We quickly recognize animal damages

As professionals, we know the habits and behavior of various animal pests and therefore, we easily find the specific damages caused by each animal. Damages caused by the same species of animals look eerily similar and uniquely differ from those caused by other animals.

  • Fixing animal damages can be tedious

It requires skills, the right tools, and a great deal of care. Depending on the severity of the damages, the repairs can be time-consuming and tiresome. And the first step to making these repairs are usually the cleanup of disgusting animal excrement. This is simply not a great DIY task.

  • No botched job

As professionals, we get it done right the first time. Our team will get it done quickly, neatly, and efficiently.

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